Thursday, November 4, 2010

Old Projects

Spring cleaning always seems to roll in a few months late around my shop. Usually that means tidying things up and blowing out the shop. Every once in a while it means pulling out all the old projects and making some tough decisions. For a long time every project would make the cut and continue taking up space in the shop and my mind. Now that time is more limited not every project makes sense to keep around. Some are simply old designs, some have flaws too time consuming to repair, others I've plain lost interest in. Each of these project have something else in common... deep inside the neck each contains a $25 trussrod that I want back! There's only way to get them out... :(

This fate doesn't await all of the old projects though! For example this extremely early SF0 still has an old style bar nut and a first generation body style. The guitar is far enough along and I have hardware that will work with it so I will finish and hope to find some use for it. Please contact me if you are interested in a deal on this prehistoric SF0. Claro walnut top, black walnut body, maple/wenge 5-piece neck with ebony fingerboard. This can be setup with a Hipshot Hardtail or Trem depending on your needs.

This carved/hollow SF2 Bass was built using one of the first pieces of wood I bought upon returning home to California. The top and back were bookmatched out of opposite sides of the same two very large sequentially sliced pieces. Luckily I've worked so slow on this project that I've been able to update it with almost of all the current SF details including lap joint headstock veneer, individual nut elements, and matching headstock/heel carving. It's a fretless with all ebony trim, gold hardware and will use an archtop style bridge and tailpiece.

Many projects are not so lucky. Trussrods have been scavenged but everything else goes into the burn pile!

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