Sunday, February 6, 2011

SF6 - Multi-Scale 12-String Electric Guitar

What do you get when you take a 12-string electric guitar, add a multi-scale neck, Hipshot Trilogy, and Steinberger Gearless Tuners?

SF6 - Full Frontal Shot

The SF6 body shape was inspired by both Mosrite and Rickenbacker. This is probably my most vintage styled design so of course I had to pack it full of modern options and hardware.

I've wanted to make a guitar along these almost as long as I've been building. I originally had the idea to use Steinberger tuners on the body for my travel guitar.

SF3 Travel Guitar SF3 Travel Guitar SF3 Travel Guitar SF3 Travel Guitar SF3 Travel Guitar SF3 Travel Guitar

Now I'm taking things one step further by combining the body mounted Steinberger tuners with headstock mounted Sperzel tuners. The standard strings will use the locking Sperzels and be anchored to a Hipshot Trilogy tailpiece for almost endless tuning options. The second course will anchored at the headstock and use the Steinberger tuners mounted directly behind the Trilogy for quick changes.

More updates and photos coming soon. For now here are some closeup shots showing off the hardware and details.

SF6 - Scarf Joint

SF6 - Steinberger Gearless Tuners

SF6 - Rough Shaped Maple & Eucalyptus Neck

SF6 - New Inline Headstock Shape

SF6 - Hipshot Trilogy

SF6 - New Inline Headstock Shape

SF6 - Figured Redgum Eucalyptus Top

SF6 - Custom Bridge by David King